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A mural is a site-specific painting painted directly on the wall. I can paint on everything from walls, ceilings, pillars, around corners, on furnitures, etc. I paint murals in private homes and have carried out assignments for both large and small companies and institutions. I can paint art on the wall as a large independent mural, but can also just paint smaller artistic details.

When I paint directly on the wall it will be a very light and airy expression. Normally I paint on a white - or just a light background colour. You must be aware that the dark walls will create some limitations in my artistic expression, since I work with light and shadow.

Some of my artistic details requires that they are painted on a horizontal surface, as I use very fluid painting techniques. Therefore, my murals will be a little different than my paintings painted on a canvas. A mural is also always less detailed and more airy in the expression. 

I paint murals in private homes, institutions and companies.

Do you want me to paint a mural? Send me a photo of your wall and write me your thoughts about the expression.

Jeg performs tasks all over the world. If the task needs to be performed far from Copenhagen, Denmark, there will be added cost for accomodation and transport.

I always give a fixed price and a rough idea-sketch, which you must approve prior to the performance.


If we agree, to the wall prior to the performance of the wall painting must be of a particular hue, it can be a good idea to do it before I come. So is the wall dry, and ready to be painted art on. A darker wall color, can provide a very exciting contrast to the art.