My art implies a confidence in the power of abstraction, the complex and subtle, where something un articulate in us is met with an inspiring energy. With my art, I want to move the viewer with my worldview of nature in man – and the human being in nature. It is a story that we humans are nature and part of a complicated universal pattern in which the surroundings on an energy level merge with the senses, emotions and thoughts.

We move in the science art category (SciArt), where I investigate and express something about the world. I reduce a scientific or aesthetic concept down to fewer and simpler elements to investigate a lot more closely. I use this reductionist approach in my art in both form and colour, where I examine individual components to uncover a more complex phenomenon. I seek to elicit a sensual and emotional realization in the viewer.

In my art, I take advantage of nature's flow, where large amounts of water make shapes liquid and vibrant. I use the laws of nature to create movements and crackles. Ramifications emerge as new beginnings and follow the universal pattern of a fractal stud shooting. The cells are the building blocks of nature and the foundation of all life. All living things are made up of cells. The human body is constantly changing from the first cell formation, where the stem cells are the basis of our complex organism.

I see the world holistically with a focus on the whole. Man and everything in the world is inextricably linked. I am fascinated by the patterns and connections of nature between micro- and macrocosm. The patterns in nature are repeated in a fractal geometry, where they are embedded in each other and repeated in large and small. The fractal patterns apply both to nature's simple organisms and to the more complex ones, and thus also apply to us humans.

In quantum physics, we have learned that all we thought was physical is energy. Everything in the universe consists of intangible energy, and everything radiates energy. A work of art – and also colors exude energy. But also any sense, emotion, thought or life-depletion is a result of energy. Our minds live and gain daily energy from our surroundings and with my art, I want to contribute with a sensual stimuli, an inspiring energy and perhaps even new realizations.

Rikke Darling


2021 Gallery Beck, Easter Exhibition, Brønderslev, Denmark

2021 Gallery ArtCompaz, Easter Exhibition, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2020 K2 Art, Dronninglund Art Centre, Denmark

2020 Christmas Exhibition, ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2020 Affordable Art Fair, EOTW Gallery, Milan, Italy

2019 Affordable Art Fair, EOTW Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019 Christmas Exhibition, Gallery Saphere Aude, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 Black As Ink, Exhibition Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 Gallery ArtCompaz, With the globe in Centrum, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2019 Art Bodensee, Van Gogh Gallery, Dornbirn, Austria

2019 Art Collection, Lyngby, Denmark

2019 Gallery ArtCompaz, Easter Exhibition, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2019 Easter Exhibition, Art Gallery, Slagelse, Denmark

2019 The Final Exhibition, Axel Towers, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 Gallery Beck, Easter Exhibition, Brønderslev, Denmark

2019 Affordable Art Fair, EOTW Gallery, London, England

2018 "Infinite Potentials" SciArt Center, New York Hall of Science, USA

2018 Christmas Exhibition, Art Gallery, Slagelse, Denmark

2018 Gallery ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2018 Gallery Rasch, Rønne, Denmark

2018 Gallery Beck, Brønderslev, Denmark

2018 ARTe, Sindelfingen, Germany

2017 The Other Artfair, London, England

2017 Alchemic Body, Gallery Laura Haber, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2017 Hyde Opening, DAM, Hallandale Beach, USA

2017 Gallery ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2017 K2 - Dialogues, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 Superfine, DAM, Miami, USA

2016 Amaris, Solo, Indonesia

2016 Gallery Beck, Brønderslev, Denmark

2016 Gallery Subworks, Fredensborg, Denmark

2016 Gallery ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2015 Towards the Days of Tomorrow, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2015 Webbing Project, Museum of Osaka University, Japan

2015 Artmoney, Bredgade 22, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 MAX A5, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 SAK, Svendborg, Denmark

2014 YOS, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2014 "Contemplation" Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 MAX A5, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Nordic Artists, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Gallery K. Jacobsson, Sweden

2014 Danish/Svenska Kompaniet, Sweden

2014 ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2014 K2Kunst, Copenhagen City Hall, Denmark

2014 Gallery V58, Aarhus, Denmark

2013 Gallery Viglowa, Tokyo, Japan

2013 Dansk Svenska Kompaniet, Sweden

2013 K2Kunst, Copenhagen City Hall, Denmark

2013 Kunstcentrum, Silkeborg, Denmark

2013 Gallery V58, Aarhus, Denmark

2012 Gallery G3, Gelstrup, Denmark

2012 ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2012 Gallery Viglowa, Tokyo, Japan

2012 Art for all, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 Kunstcentrum, Silkeborg, Denmark

2011 Kunst2100 - Docken, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2011 GalleryV58, Aarhus, Denmark

2011 A tribute to life, Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 FUGA Artist Association, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2010 Gallery V58, Aarhus, Denmark

2010 ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2009 Gallery X, Gentofte, Denmark


2020 "Summer Exhibition" Gallery Skagen, Skagen, Denmark

2018 "Fall", Artcompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2018 "Nature in Human" Art Gallery, Slagelse, Denmark

2018 Baerely design, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 Gallery North, Denmark

2016 Svinkloev Badehotel, Denmark

2016 Gallery Lulu, Eskildstrup, Denmark

2014 Galeri Canna, Jakarta, Indonesia

2014 Gallery Viglowa, Tokyo, Japan.

2014 Danish/Svenska Kompaniet, Sweden

2014 Gallery Glasseriet, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 Gallery Viglowa, Tokyo, Japan

2013 Gallery Wenneberg, Køge, Denmark

2013 Gallery ArtCompaz, frederiksberg, Denmark

2012 Gallery Viglowa, Tokyo, Japan

2011 Gallery V58, Aarhus, Denmark

2011 Gallery ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2010 Sophienberg Castle, Rungsted, Denmark

2010 Køge Gallery, Køge, Denmark

2010 ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2009 Cobra Gallery, Charlottenlund, Denmark

Pris på vægmaleri


Biological art lies on the boundary between art and science. I always had a fascination for biology, and when I was a teenager, I was sure I was going to be a biologist or a doctor. However, I became an artist instead, but my paintings always have a biological theme. The paintings are about micro- and macrobiology – about nature's basic patterns, the flow of water, ramifications, bud shootings, DNA, stem cells and viruses.

I work with both doctors and biologists, who help me get microscope photos to inspire my paintings. My art hangs in many medical clinics, dentists and psychologists, and I have performed great artistic decorations at the pharmaceutical company SaxoSmithKline and at four psychiatric hospitals in Denmark. I am a member of the SciArt Initiative and have exhibited my art at New York Hall and Science.