If you love my artistic style, but I don't have the painting you are dreaming about, then I can paint a painting on commission for you. Your wishes for the painting must - of course - fit in with my artistic style. When you have a painting painted on commission, you can choose the size, colors and fhave a wish for elements in the painting. It can also be that you are in love with a painting, where you want the same vibe, just in a larger or smaller format. It is an advantage if you can choose two to three of my paintings that you particularly like, and explain what it is about them that you love.

When you have a painting painted on commission, I can get very close to your personal wishes. However, I can never say exactly how a painting will be, and I also can't make a sketch, since my process is spontaneous and intuitive. Therefore you are not obliged to buy the painting, even though it is a commission. I need my artistic freedom to paint the painting, and since you don't know quite what to expect, you should also not feel trapped - that will always get the best result. I expect of course that you are taking the order seriously and is open to the creative process. 





I paint like a painting according to your wishes. The inspiration for each painting, are always based on a conversation in person or by phone or e-mail. You may also have the desire that I work with a title of a song, individual elements, or other kind of inspiration. My paintings are abstract with inspiration from biology, but sometimes I mix in figurative elements in the painting.

A commission for a larger painting typically takes 3-4 weeks to paint. Small paintings takes less time.