If you love my artistic style, but I don't have the painting you are dreaming of, I am happy to paint a painting on commission for you. Your wishes for the painting must of course fit in with my artistic style. When you have a painting painted to order, you can choose the size, colors and, for example, want individual elements in the painting. It could also be that you love a painting where you want the same atmosphere, just bigger in a larger or smaller format. It would be an advantage if you could choose two or three of my paintings that you particularly like and explain what it is about them that you particularly like.

Write to me with wishes for size and colors and I will write back with a price and help you further.



When you have a painting painted on commission, I can paint your personal wishes. However, I can never say exactly how a painting will turn out, nor can I make a sketch, as my process is spontaneous and intuitive. Therefore, you are not obliged to buy the painting, even if it is an order. I need my artistic freedom to paint what my intuition tells me, and since you don't know exactly what to expect, don't feel tied down either. It gives the best result. Of course, I expect you to take an order seriously and be open to the creative process. My long experience tells me that it works super well if you are not too locked in your expectations.

You can also see my finished paintings for sale here.



I am happy to paint a painting according to your wishes. The inspiration for the individual painting is always based on a conversation in person or on the phone - or by email. You may also want me to start from a title, a song, a personal story, individual elements or the like. My paintings are basically abstract with inspiration from biology, but sometimes I mix individual figurative elements into the painting.

An order for a larger painting typically takes 3-4 weeks to paint. Smaller paintings take less time. Paintings painted to order cost the same as my finished paintings. You can see the prices of the different sizes in my webshop.


Have a personal painting painted to order



Special dimensions can be ordered. It could be that you are looking for a huge painting that fills the entire wall of the living room, or you dream of a narrow painting that goes from floor to ceiling. If you go with this kind of artistic thinking, then you must always have the painting painted to order.


Personal painting painted to order


The best thing is that you come by my studio on Østerbro in Copenhagen. Then we can look at the paintings and have a chat. You should expect it to take half an hour to a full hour. If my opening hours don't suit you, write when it suits you to stop by. Most times are possible - including weekends and evenings. If you are not near Copenhagen, we can take the conversation over the phone after we can have the dialogue by e-mail. In order to have a painting painted to order, you must of course be reasonably clear about your wishes. You don't have to have a specific image in your head of what you want, but must be open to artistic inspiration. It often becomes an interplay of elements, and the final result becomes very personal. It is my experience that this way of creating a painting is very successful. Contact me here

It is important to choose the right colors. The background color in particular is of great importance for the result. Colors are seen differently depending on which screen you are sitting at. So if you don't have the opportunity to come by the studio, it might be an idea for me to make a color sample that I send to you, and you can see at home in the right light where the painting will hang.

Personal painting painted to order

Write to me with wishes for size and colors and I will write back with a price and help you further.