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Visit me in the studio in Copenhagen.


You can buy my art online. If you are in doubt about which work to suit your living room, you can send me photos of where the art is going to hang, and I will photoshop selected works to your wall, so you get a feeling of how it will look. I am sending my art to most countrys.



You are always welcome to come by and visit me in my studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can see the paintings in process, have a chat and a have a look at my paintings. I am open in the studio by appointment. Just call or write when it fits for you to come by.

My studio is located Århusgade 3 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


If you have any questions, please call me at +45 28911998 or write me at studio@rikkedarling.com

Follow me on Instagram (@artistrikkedarling) or Pinterest.


I am a member of the the Artist Group K2

My paintings can also be viewed on Kunstsamlingen.