My paintings are abstract. Abstract paintings are non-figurative art, where forms and shapes are setting the scene. In abstract paintings shapes and colors are used to create effects. Some of the most well known abstract artists are Wassily Kadinsky, Hilma Of Klint, Piet Mondrain, Sonya Delaunay and Jackson Pollock.


Abstract Expressionism

Jackson Pollock was a key figure in the abstract expressionism with his action painting. He examined how the paint reacted on the canvas and lets his techniques tell the story he wanted.

I have the same starting point in my paintings. I let the materials work. Let the water move the paint in the beautiful flows as it dries, and work with the poetic forms that "nature" creates. My technique creates a part of the abstract expression, where the paint flows and reacts. I  however unlike Pollock always have a story beyond my forms and paint some tension into the story. I want to create a human layer over the natural - a form of human management that leads the viewer into the story.

In a way you can say that my paintings are not completely abstract. It takes its starting point in the abstract expression, but several of my forms are something. I use, however, only forms that can be many things. For example a branching can be the same flow as your blood vessels branching on the inside of the body, a tree branches out or how a river branches into smaller rivers. Common for a branching is that it follows the law of nature of how to move the energy out to a larger area. How we perceive it can however be depending on which color it has, or what appears next to it. Our brains will always seek to get a form to look like something specific. Therefore, you will in the abstract paintings often see a lot of recognizable forms.


Abstract symbolism

Hilma of Klint is also a big inspiration for me. She was an abstract groundbreaking pioneer, where she, in her art spiritually linked internal experience and symbology together. Her systematic paintings are visual representations of complex philosophical ideas. She made up the visible reality and developed an abstract imagery. Hilma of Klint's works is not just about the pure abstraction, but of gestalte and not visible.

I also have this desire to tell something philosophical with my abstract paintings. In my abstract works I want to create a narrative, and natural cohesion. A history of man in nature and nature in man. It is a story about how humans are nature. That we are a part of something bigger, a part of an extremely complex pattern which however, can be broken down into a few basic shapes, of which everything is created by.