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If you're going for a personal unique style in your décor, modern art can bring your home a sophisticated aesthetic look with a unique touch.

Paintings, sculptures, or maybe a stool or a bowl with art, give interior life and the feeling of something handmade and personal. It can provide a nice balance between the minimalistic and and the rustic and quirky. The art in the decor creates atmosphere and life.

Which artistic style you choose, is all about personal taste. With the right choice of art, you can highlights the art and your home feels more pleasant to be in. There is absolutely nothing wrong in seeing the art in a larger context. It's about the feeling you get when you are in the room. Does it feels nice to be in? does it it feels balanced and beautiful, as a place where you want to live?



If you are in doubt about how art can hang with you, so I help like with ideas. If you send me a photo of the wall where you think the art should hang, as examples of works you like, and I will be happy to make suggestions for hanging, and shows how it may look at you. I fotomanipulerer one or more works into your wall so you get a sense of how the colors and size will be able to see out. If you live in the vicinity of Copenhagen, I also like to go out to you, so we can try selected paintings at home in your home.

Prøv et maleri på din egen væg

The modern art has a large free space, when it is about the location in the home. You do not need to choose the classic format, and there is no expectation that you should put a classical frame for a painting, or a painting to hang in the middle of the couch. There are many methods and techniques that you can use to redecorate with the art. What you need to focus on is to create a harmonious feel between your furniture and your artwork. You may like to surprise and f.ex.choose a wrong format. Although it is still very popular with a single large masterpiece in a living room, there are also plenty of exciting ophængningsmuligheder, if you select one or several smaller paintings.



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Indretning med lyserødt maleri i køkken

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Indretning med blåt maleri

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Indretning med moderne kunst

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Indretning med lyserødt maleri i køkken

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