Choosing a large painting for your living room is an important decision. A large painting helps to set the style or emphasize the atmosphere you want to have in your living room. You say you don't

have to choose a painting based on the sofa, but I would now think that it makes very good sense to choose a painting that fits the decor, so you both bring out the best in the painting and emphasize the atmosphere that you want to have in your living room.

Large paintings for the living room


When you have to choose a large painting, it can sometimes require a little extra. It is important that you get

chosen correctly, as a large painting is something you will most likely have hanging for many years.

If you live far from Copenhagen , you have the opportunity to buy my large paintings online. I will pay the shipping of the painting to you, but it is important that we are as sure as possible that it is the right painting you choose. If you are in doubt about your choice, I would therefore recommend that you send me a photo of your living room with measurements on the wall where you think the painting should hang. I will then put the painting on your wall in Photoshop and give you an impression of how the painting will look in your living room. Here you get a feel for the size and colors. Remember that when you see colors on your screen, they will not be shown exactly. The colors vary according to the light you have in the living room. A few times a year I also come to Funen and Jutland and will be happy to drive past you with a selection of paintings, if that suits. Then you can test the painting on the wall in your own living room. You are welcome to write to me and find out when I will be driving next.

If you live near Copenhagen , I would recommend you to come by my studio in Østerbro and see my paintings. Here you have the opportunity to feel the paintings properly and feel the colors and atmosphere. Even if you've been to my website first, and perhaps fallen in love with a painting or two, it's not always what speaks to you the most when you stand in front of the paintings. In my studio, you have the opportunity to choose one or more paintings that you want to try at home on the wall in your own living room. If you don't have a car, or the paintings are too big for your car, I'll be happy to help with the transport. You can also contact me and ask me to come to your home with a selection of paintings. Then I help to see what is suitable for your wall and how the painting should hang.


Hanging a painting above your sofa in the living room is a beautiful classic solution. You often hang a large painting above a sofa to bring the room together where people enjoy themselves. An area with a sofa, coffee table, rug, lamps and, for example, plants creates a cozy area where you can relax and feel calm. Above a sofa, most people choose an elongated painting that fits the length of the sofa. Above a smaller sofa, a painting of 100x150 cm. often be the right choice. You can see my paintings in 100x150 cm. here. If your sofa is larger, paintings are 110x180 cm. often the right choice. If you are in doubt about which size to choose, you are always welcome to contact me.

If the budget is not for a large painting, then you can consider art posters for the living room .