An empty wall is boring and if the budget is small, posters with art are a beautiful solution in the living room. Art can easily be beautiful like a plaque print. With modern art posters, you get a new look that is also classically beautiful. Art does not need to be displayed as an original work. Modern art such as posters can make your living room cozy and modern in style.

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Art posters for the living room


When you decorate your living room with posters, there are several tips.

Tips for furnishing with posters:

  • Buy posters that match in color or style.
  • Buy posters from the same artist for a calm, consistent look.
  • Buy posters in the same size, so it is easier to achieve harmony in the interior.
  • Choose non-reflective glass/museum glass if you have a lot of sun in the living room.
  • Choose the same frame for all posters. The frame is the bridge between the artwork and the rest of the decor. Choose a frame that suits your living room decor. My art posters look great with a narrow frame in, for example, black, gold or wood, but the important thing is that you choose a frame that matches your other decor in your living room. Get inspiration for choosing a frame in my blog post Which frame should I choose for posters?

When you buy art posters for the living room, it is important that you do not buy them too small. Your walls in the living room are often large and spacious, so they require a certain size. My posters are all 50x70 cm in size. and some of them can also be bought in the size 70x100 cm. Most posters are also designed so that they can hang both vertically and horizontally. This makes it easier to get them to fit into your decor. You can read more about my art posters here.

Decorate your living room optimally with posters

Paint a wall: When you decorate your living room with posters, you can create extra atmosphere in the interior in several ways. If, for example, you paint a single wall in your living room in one colour, you bring out the colors and create depth and coziness. Light colors give a more light and playful style, while the dark wall colors create coziness and calmness.

The hanging : There are several ways you can hang your posters. You can choose to buy a large poster, which you hang next to an armchair, so that you create a cozy space in the living room, or you can choose to buy 2 or 3 posters of the same size, which you hang in a row above the sofa. You can also hang the posters as a cluster that brings the interior together to, for example, create a cozy corner in the living room. The posters can either be hung together in several different sizes, but you can also hang the posters together with photos or original paintings.