Kunstmesse UnFair i Milano

Art fair UnFair in Milan

3-5 March 2023 there is an art fair in Milan. I participate with my art at the art fair UnFair in Superstudio Maxi in Milan with the Italian gallery EOTW Gallery.

At the art fair, some of the paintings will be shown, but also my brand new architectural tile works, created from sustainable ceramic tiles from the Italian company Ariostea.

I love to paint, but I have long had a desire to expand my creative field with something more sculptural. This expression is visually quite different from my paintings, but the philosophy behind it is the same. I am inspired by the basic patterns of nature, how nature is connected and we humans are a small part of a large complex pattern where everything is inextricably linked.

You can read more about my new ArtTiles here.

I have had a long hiatus where I have not participated in art fairs. The Corona has raged and my last fair was the Affordable ArtFair in February 2020 in Milan, where I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Here, the pandemic was at its beginning, there were very few visitors to the art fair and I had Milan to myself, as I moved out into the city as a tourist instead. I hope it will be a much better experience this time.