How much do acoustic panels help?

When you need to dampen the acoustics in a room, you need to do something active. If you want some attenuation of reverberation, you can buy a carpet, put up curtains or hang a painting on the wall. If you need greater attenuation of the sound, you need to more specifically use acoustic panels or acoustic boards. Acoustic panels provide the greatest improvement in reverberation and more actively penetrate and change the sound in the room. In new construction, where the ceiling is high and built with concrete, steel and glass, the acoustics can be very harsh, and you need to focus on the acoustics with the interior design, in order to create a cozy atmosphere.

When using acoustic panels to dampen reverberation, you must focus on the location and size of the acoustic panels. The more the panels cover the wall, the more effect they have. When the acoustic panels are to fill the room, you might as well make them look nice. Therefore, I have developed a series of art printed as acoustic images for this very purpose. See my selection of acoustic pictures .

Acoustic panels

Acoustic images are both decorative and functional. When acoustic pictures are to work, it is therefore primarily about how much they take up on the wall. Whether it is several smaller plates or a few large ones is not so important. It is the total area that counts.

My acoustic pictures are printed with the finest HD UV print technique. This means they can withstand sunlight without fading. The boards are made with a class A sound absorption. The acoustic panel is made of glass wool with structure in the surface. It is the structure that makes the board good at absorbing sound. Glass wool is a fantastic sound absorber from nature and is environmentally friendly as the material is fully recyclable. Glass wool is fire retardant and a hygienic solution, as the material, despite its structure, does not form a breeding ground for microorganisms.

When you install acoustic panels on the wall, which corresponds to 15% of the floor area, you can expect around 60%. improving the acoustics in the room. One square meter of acoustic panel is as effective for noise reduction as approx. 15 square meters of carpet. Therefore, it is important that you get some size so that it covers a part of the wall. The suspension is also important. Noise reduction works best with a suspension on the wall at the height where the sound is coming from. That is, around the height the head is when we e.g. a large group is sitting at the dining table (Most noise sources emit sound horizontally). Choose a suspension where the acoustic attenuation is relatively close to where the sound is coming from.

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