Hvilken ramme skal jeg vælge til plakater?

Which frame should I choose for posters?

A frame can be seen as the bridge between the poster and the home. The picture frame must therefore both match the poster, but must also fit in with the decor in your home. Depending on which frame you choose, the poster will change its expression.
My art is very detailed with smooth transitions. So, based on the art poster, I would recommend a narrow frame. If it's a wooden frame, I love that you can tell the years in the wood, so the frame gets a natural look (some wooden frames are painted so it looks like plastic). Metal frames are also popular right now. The advantage of them is that in the large sizes they can be narrower and still be stable. A matt black metal frame can give a nice raw look, where a gold frame can for example make the look more feminine. At home I have, for example, framed the art poster "Rose Rock" with a narrow gold frame.
Once you have decided on a frame, you must also decide on glass.
You can choose a replacement frame with an ordinary glass, but if the poster is to be hung in a place where there is a lot of glare, it can be advantageous to choose a non-reflective glass. This means that you can still see the motif in sunshine, while the glass also protects against UV rays, thus giving the poster a longer lifespan.
My suggestions for a frame with non-reflective glass are, for example, this one from Hennetec: https://www.hennetec.dk/re840-50x70 (narrow black wooden frame)
If you want a wooden frame with ordinary glass, then I can recommend the frames from Trævarefabrikkernes Udsalg. The Nordic Line series is also really nice. It is available in many stores.
If you need further inspiration on how to decorate your living room with art posters, you can read more on my art posters for the living room page .
Framing of poster
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