Trends: Farver i boligen 2020

Trends: Colors in the home 2020

We are becoming bolder in our choice of colors in the home. The white walls have been squeezed out in favor of colors. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend for the light delicate pastels to brighten up the home. In 2020, according to the trend agency WGSN, the color of the year has been NEO MINT. A delicate pastel green that tones super beautifully from mint green to a delicate cool green-blue.

Trends: Colors in the home 2020

Large painting for sale pink

Dark blue walls

The dark blue tones are also still a big hit. It is calm and creates an elegant cave atmosphere that is wonderful to stay in. If the walls are painted dark blue, it is also super beautiful with a lighter blue painting that captures the atmosphere and brightens it up. Here, the darker wall becomes a kind of frame for the painting.

Large blue painting on blue wall

Natural colors

Earth colors are also slowly making their way back into interior design. Both the light and dark natural colours. We will move in a natural color scale such as mocha, cream, eggshell, sand, khaki and terracotta colors. Tones that make us relax and bring a sense of nature into the home. These tones are soft and calm and can be tinted both light and dark. And also used tone on tone, for a soft and warm look.

Large painting in natural colours

Large painting for sale