Kunst på arbejdspladsen

Art in the workplace

Art is part of the decor in most companies. Most workplaces today have paintings hanging on the walls. Some own the company itself, and others hang as changing exhibitions where the workplace art association organizes it.

Most Danes interested in art think of Louisiana when Knud W. Jensen is mentioned. But he was also the one who brought art into the workplace. In the late 1930s, Knud W. Jensen moved his private collection of works of art into the large cheese export company Peter Jensen A/S. He did the same when he became director of the publishing company Gyldendal. For Knud W. Jensen, it was important that the art was experienced by the people it was about. Art should not be reserved for the few who could afford to buy it, but be for everyone who would look at it.

Art associations bring art into the workplace

In the fifties, the Art Associations began in Denmark. The mastermind behind it was the director of the Royal Porcelain Factory Chr. Christensen, and that was the starting point for the art to spread out in the workplace. Like many other artists, I also exhibit my art in art associations . I think it is a good way to make art a part of the Danes' everyday life. With changing exhibitions, employees in the workplace are exposed to changing works of art during their working day and some also end up with, for example, a painting to take home, for their own home. Thus, one does not need to go to an art gallery to see contemporary art. It also creates an atmosphere in the workplace, and gives the employees the opportunity to talk about the art.

The disadvantage of exhibitions in the art associations is that it is a temporary solution that must be fitted to certain walls. It is not always that the art fits where it should hang, and paintings will often hang a little too close and in sizes and colors that may not quite fit in. With an art association exhibition, you get more of an experience like an exhibition of an artist's works, where you get a good sense of the artist's style and expression - more than it is a beautiful aesthetic hanging that suits the company.

Furnishing with paintings in companies

When a company chooses to buy art for the interior, it becomes more site-specific works where the art fits the company. When I sell paintings to companies, the paintings are often painted for the specific workplace. I know where the painting will hang, what the company does and what the surroundings look like. The paintings thus become part of the overall experience of the workplace. The paintings support the company's brand and create a harmonious expression that is well thought out and adapted to the individual workplace. Read more about my artistic decorations in companies here

So there are several ways to get art out into the workplace. I think it is important that art becomes part of our everyday life - both at home and at work. Not everyone actively chooses art, but it must invite in and be an offer. We must be challenged and inspired. We are influenced by colors and shapes. The art is alive and invites you in with stories and moods that challenge the senses.