Kunst i psykiatrien

Art in psychiatry

Politiken has a series of articles right now about what it's like to be admitted to a psychiatric ward. ( Read the articles about psychiatry here )

Art in Psychiatry - Psychiatric hospital Glostrup

I remember clearly when I painted this mural at the youth psychiatric ward in Glostrup. I remember my conversations with the young people who were hospitalized, and it was a week that made a big impression on me. I am someone who absorbs all energies and moods, and when I have painted in the psychiatric centers, it has been both enriching and hard. I can highly recommend that you read this series of articles and get a little insight into the lives of these young people in a difficult time.

Art at the Youth Psychiatric Center Glostrup mural

Art at the Rigshospitalet

Psychiatric Center ward 0

A few weeks ago, a man came into the studio and told me that when he was admitted to the psychiatric center at Rigshospitalet, he was so fascinated by my mural in the entrance that he could sit in front of it for hours and let himself be seduced. He thought my mural looked like the universe and he had loved it. It made him feel free from his thoughts for a while, and he had even ventured into trying to paint a little himself.

I have painted art in three psychiatric centers in Denmark, and over the years I have received emails from former patients and have also been lucky enough to meet some of them who have lived with my art while they were hospitalized. I am touched every time, and am grateful that they have the energy to tell me about their experiences with art. Art is communication and the magic happens in the meeting with the viewer.

Art at the Rigshospitalet Psychiatric Center