Jeg flytter mit atelier til Frederiksberg

I am moving my studio to Frederiksberg

1 July 2020 I will move my studio to Frederiksberg. I have had a studio for 12 years in Østerbro, and now it is time for a change. I'm looking forward to moving in after I've had a few weeks' holiday in a holiday home.

My new studio is no longer a shop. Times are changing and a larger part of my art sales has become online. More and more people buy their paintings online, or ask me to come out and show selected works in their own homes. It also makes great sense, because a painting changes with the light and must feel right where it is to be hung. It is also much easier to assess whether the size of a painting is right and whether it plays well with the decor when it is on the wall that has been selected.

I have long dreamed of having some colleagues and being able to paint outside in the summer without traffic noise, and I have found a super cozy creative community in Frederiksberg, where I can paint outside in the sun and hear the birds sing. I get to work with a designer, a tailor and florist, a cookbook author and a production company.

You are still very welcome to stop by my new studio. I will continue to have fixed opening hours a few times a week (you can see them on the front page) and otherwise you can always call or write and make an appointment to come by my studio and see my paintings and see how they are created - that is completely non-binding.

My new address is:

Lykkesholms Alle 11 (in the back house) .

- a quiet residential street in Frederiksberg close to Gammel Kongevej and Søerne.

You can read an interview with me in Østerbro Avis about my move here.