Jeg flytter igen...

I'm moving again...

This summer I moved my studio to Frederiksberg. It was a wonderful place, where in the middle of the city I could feel that I was also out in nature. It was a beautiful backyard on a residential road close to Gammel Kongevej, where I could paint outside and hear the birds sing. A creative community with a florist, a designer, a writer and a photo artist. Unfortunately, I was unlucky enough that the building was sold shortly after. The creative community is disappearing and a showroom for faucets is now coming instead.

It is also the quirky and the creative that help to bring life to the city and make it exciting. Those little oases that don't quite look like everything else. Unfortunately, they become harder to find over time.

I am now moving back to Østerbro. I'm moving on 1 October and the address will be Århusgade 3. It will be a more classic shop I'm moving into, and I've been lucky enough to once again have a wonderful community. I will share a studio with the artists Cecilie Westh and Martin Pop.

The building is currently being renovated, so there are both craftsman containers and scaffolding in front of the windows, but in a few months, light will flow in through the windows and we will have a nice facade.

It is to be celebrated and of course we will have an opening party when it is all in place... more on that to come.

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Artist Atelier Århusgade Rikke Darling