Hvordan påvirker lys kunsten?

How does light affect art?

In Paustians Showroom in Nordhavnen, you can experience how the lighting in your living room can affect how you see art. At Paustian, Louis Poulsen has set up a small house where you can see how the lighting affects the atmosphere in the home. One of my large paintings hangs in the living room as part of the decor, and you therefore have the opportunity to see live how the change of light affects how you see my art and helps you to actively work with the lighting in your own home.

House shaped by light

Louis Poulsen has been inspired by the soft light of the Danish summer and invites it into the deep darkness of winter. Louis Poulsen shapes light and designs more than just lamps. The atmosphere in a room is shaped by both furniture and lighting. That's why Louis Poulsen has set up a room at Paustian, where they show the moods that are formed with the change of light.

Painting in Paustian with Louis Poulsen

painting in Paustan modern art Rikke Darling

Get an art experience at Paustian.

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