Stort maleri til salg af Rikke Darling

What does art mean in a turbulent time?

At all times, artists have related to the time they live in. Artists interpret and convey what they experience, and when there are major events at stake, many artists will try to express what is happening in art. It can happen on many levels, both symbolic, fictional, atmospheric and emotional.

In a year when almost everything has been about the Coronavirus, it will of course also be seen in art. My paintings are about biology, big and small. For many years I have included both cell forms, viruses and bacteria in my art, and in 2020, I suddenly saw it in a new way. I have always seen my artistic expression holistically, where everything is connected. Everything in the world is about balance, and individual elements are only a problem when they are out of balance. Precisely 2020 was a year in which we got out of balance. Viruses have always been a part of our lives, but when a virus develops into a pandemic, it becomes a threat that changes everything.

My latest painting "The Battle" is about the battle that is going on right now - both on the biological and the emotional level. It is a painting that visualizes the balance of nature, the battle between viruses and cells, and human emotions and not least hope. It is a painting that visualizes us moving towards brighter times and where we can rise above fear. It is the belief that it will all come back into balance - perhaps even a new balance, where we respect to a greater extent the importance of nature being in balance and not only seeing nature as a resource. That we see ourselves as being nature and part of something bigger that we will never be able to control.

Modern painting by artist Rikke Darling

Painting "The Battle" 100x150 cm.