The macrocosm is reflected by the microcosm, structures outside relate to structures inside. Life forms consist of structures that life itself is structuring. Life is a process, so is art. It’s all about life”. –Rikke Darling

Abstract painting nordic style contemporary art

Abstract paintings

You can see some of my abstract paintings here. If you are interested in buying my art pleas send me an e-mail for more information.



Abstract paintings tokyo denmark Rikke Darling

Projects & exhibitions

I exhibit in galleries and museums in Europe, Asia and America - both as solo and group exhibitions.

See some of my earlier exhibitions here.

Danish artist Rikke Darling abstract art

The artist

Visual abstract artist Rikke Darling. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark 1975


Abstract paintings nordic style contemporary art


Studio Rikke Darling

Strandboulevarden 67

2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

T: +45 28911998

M: studio@rikkedarling.com


Abstract paintings for sale

Abstract contemporary art by the Danish abstract painter Rikke Darling. Based in Copenhagen. Modern paintings. Colourfull paintings. Organis shapes. Micro macro biology. Nature art. Abstract paintings in a Scandinavian style. Northern style paintings. Light paintings. Moderne interior designs art.

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