Acoustic art is decorative noise cancellation. A good acoustics are important for a good indoor environment or the atmosphere of the home. When you need peace of mind in the company, or have challenges with sound when friends come to dinner, acoustics /silencing images are a very effective acoustic solution.

Sound-absorbing images provide good acoustics in a conversation kitchen, living room, meeting room, large room office or canteen. When modern buildings have high ceilings, use large glass facades, wooden floors, concrete and tiles, this can create challenges for acoustics. You rarely want wall-to-wall rugs or heavy curtains, and art on acoustic panels will therefore be an obvious solution for silencing that does not spoil the minimalist décor that is often in Nordic buildings.

Acoustic plates are rarely in themselves particularly pretty, but with art on the plates they can become both decorative and functional.


I have developed several series with sound-absorbing motifs in colours suitable for both homes and businesses. When it comes to silencing, the number of plates is important as it is important to cover a larger wall area in order to have an effective sound attenuation.

The motifs in my art series can be put together exactly as you wish, the series is developed, so it will be a nice sound-dampening solution whether you need one plate or six. This solution is economical and easy to fit in.


A large acoustic plate is as effective for silencing as about 15 square meters of carpet.

If you wall mount acoustic panels on an area equal to 15% of the floor area, you can expect an improvement in the acoustics in the room of about 60%. The higher the ceiling, the more material it takes to absorb a diffuse sound. You get the greatest effect by placing the acoustic plates close to the noise source or the people in the room.

It is most effective to absorb the sound via acoustic plates mounted on the walls, since most noise sources emit sound in horizontal lines. The sound therefore hits the walls first and although sound propagates in all directions, the sound is always more intense in the direction it is beingended. It fits perfectly with pictures you hang on the wall, and then you can use the plates as artistic decoration at the same time.

It is an advantage to cover a larger area, but even one or two plates in a room can have a good effect. Whether you choose large acoustic plates or several small ones is not essential. Only the total area counts. You can read more about it in my blog post How much do acoustic plates help?

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